28 January 2012

25 January 2012

Wednesday Wishes #25

I wish upon a Wednesday…

…that I could drink a magic potion and my hair would all grow back!

Magic Potion

24 January 2012

So how much was it exactly?

I have been looking for a 2TB hard drive for a while now. I have about a trillion downloaded legally purchased movies and my 1TB portable hard drive is full.
This morning I got an email from groupon.com stating that they had one for sale. See below.
2TB Hard Drive
I thought to myself, well even if it isn’t amazing quality it’s only for movies and if it’s no good I could always download legally purchase them again. Still an amazing deal, right? Well that’s questionable.
Here is the email I sent to the supplier this morning:
Good morning,
I am looking at purchasing your 2TB portable external hard drive from groupon.com.au. I just have a query regarding pricing.
1. The title reads $79 2TB Portable External USB Hard Drive, delivered nationwide ($249 value) – so that is saying the value is $249
2. In the amount area it says you save $220 – so that is saying the value is $299
3. I typed 2TB Tancell Hard Drive into Google to see product reviews and it came up with several bargain sites where the exact same product (same photo) was on sale for $69 including delivery but it stated the original value was $150 – so that is saying the value is $150.
I couldn’t find this product for sale on an actual site at any price above $79 so could you please advise what the actual value is?
Thank you
Jess Kell
Will be interesting to see what they come back with. I’ll keep you posted.

NOTE: If you are thinking about taking up this offer have a look at Steve's advice in the comments section. Very interesting information. Thanks Steve!
ANOTHER NOTE: If you Google the sites sometimes the company is called "Tancel" and other times "Tancell". Surely a reputable business trying to sell a product could be more consistent with the spelling of it's company name.

UPDATE 17 Feb 2012 - Well, it's been almost a month now and I have had no replies from the supplier, Tancel (or is it Tancell?) or GroupOn.
UPDATE 31 Mar 2012 - Still nothing. Awesome customer service guys.... not.
2TB Tancel Hard Drive

21 January 2012

Fank F*ck It’s Friday! #3

I’m addicted to the internet. I know it, you know it, we all know it. For those of you who don’t have an iPhone and a baby who needs almost constant nursing here are a few cool things for you to have a look at.

The portraits posted on The Minimalist are all soooooo beautiful!

Kristen Stewart

Attack of the Blog’s Douchebag Merit Badges made me chuckle. If only!

This random chat log is oh-so-very polite.

Mentos compiled these 20 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Happy and it worked!

Incredible optical illusions to leave you stumped and mystified!

I found this Oprah video on “5 Words Babies Use” absolutely amazing. I wish I had’ve known this when Ry was younger… would’ve saved me a world of stress!

Did you hear about the man who lodged a 9cm nail in his brain then carried on working? Took him two days to notice! Check out the news article. Unbelievable!!!

Kisses for College is such a great idea. I’m not sure why no one came up with this sooner. I can’t wait to receive mine!

This is pretty much my dream home. It’s perfect and it’s within easy walking distance of my Mum’s place. Please buy it for me,  I’ll love you forever!!!

Mary over at 25 Pills a Day put together an excruciatingly  true list of 15 things white girls do on Facebook. Guilty!

Pup and Puss

19 January 2012

Le Weekly Love List #28

Just a short love list this week. I’m luvin’ lots, lots more but a little pressed for time…

♥ home made banana bread ♥
♥ my new ottoman/shoe basket - the perfect solution to keep the baby from eating our shoes! ♥
♥ the fact that Ryan can now sit up - makes my life soooo much easier ♥
♥ Australia Day anticipation ♥
♥ having long lost friends come back into my life – I’m so booked these days I hardly have time to scratch myself ♥
♥ smiles from my gorgeous son – what a cutie!♥


♥ finally managing to arrange a permanent child care arrangement. Child care in Canberra is ridiculously impossible. The earliest I can get him a guaranteed place is November 2013!!! ♥
♥ coming up with awesome ideas for future blog posts ♥
♥ new clothes! ♥
♥ and, of course, my perfect boyfriend and beautiful baby boy.

18 January 2012

Wednesday Wishes #24

I wish upon a Wednesday…

…that someone would buy me this house!

It’s perfect AND it’s in walking distance of my Mum’s house. Alas, I am a tad too poor.

My Dream Home

17 January 2012

What Can I Blog About?

I haven’t blogged in a while. To be completely honest I have been stuck for both time and inspiration. Today I have the time thing sorted, now it’s just the inspiration I have to find.
Some blogs don’t have a focus. I wish mine did, but alas, it doesn’t. I blog because I feel like it. In an effort to find inspiration I typed into Google the words “what can I blog about?” and guess what… NOTHING came up. Well, that’s a lie, 3,780,000,000 links appeared but not one of them contained the phrase I was looking for. What to do, what to do!?
Thinking - Gears Ticking Over
Anyway, I thought I’d help a brother out and make a list of things that YOU can blog about if you are lacking inspiration as I was.
I am going to start this list with my own regular posts as I feel they are brilliant (N.B. If you add a link to my site if you chose to blog about any of these I will love you forever).
1.     Wednesday wishes – Why not “wish upon a Wednesday”!? Who knows, it might just come true.
2.     Le weekly love list – What are you loving this week? Try making a list each week. People, animals, places, foods, phrases, ANYTHING!
3.     Photo a day challenge – These are all over the web. Google “Photo A Day Challenge” and choose the one that speaks to you!
4.     My plan Z – What is your plan for your worst case scenario? I’d be a stripper!
Stripper Mum
5.     My favourite food – What is it? How do you cook it? Tell us about it. The more pictures the better. People are visual!
6.     News – Why not trawl the news websites until you find something you are passionate about? If you find an article particularly interesting or controversial then blog about your point of view. Others just might find your post interesting or controversial too!
7.     Stumble Upon – Soooo many interesting sites tailored to you! I guarantee you’ll find the inspiration you’re looking for. Also an awesome way to kill time!
8.     My ideal day – If you had all the money in the world to waste and could have anything you wanted for 24 hours, what would you spend the day doing?
9.     How embarrassing! – Describe the most embarrassing incident in your past. Everyone loves a great embarrassing story.
10.   A community I love – Tell us about your neighbourhood or town!
11.   Somebody has to say it – OK, I know that putting your personal gripes on the internet is no way to gain a following but sometimes it just feels so damn good. I did it, once, and although I am purposely not trying to make it a regular thing I’m glad I got it out there.
12.   Books I want to write – What are the titles? What are they about? What would the cover look like? Are they a fiction or a non fiction? Who are the main characters? What do they look like? Ahhh, the list could go on and on!
13.   One day I’m gonna… – Fill in the blank!
14.   My day with a celebrity – Write about the day you met your favourite celebrity. It will more than likely be fiction but have some fun with it! (If it is fiction make sure you state so – don’t want to get people in trouble!!!)
15.   My day job versus my passion – Come on have a whinge. And who knows? You might just inspire yourself to move forward.
16.   If I were a superhero – What would you do? What would your name be? What would you look like? Would you be in costume or plain clothes? Would your body morph or stay the same? What would your powers be?
17.   I want to brag for a sec – Go on, take a second (and a post) and brag. What are you most proud of? What have you done in your life that is AWESOME!!!
Blue Eyed Boy
18.   Giving this away – Give away some stuff. People love free stuff. Any old thing will do. You know that old lamp you have in the garage that you’re never gonna use but it’s ion good nik? Well give it to someone else!
19.   If I found ten dollars, one hundred dollars, one thousand dollars and one million dollars!!! – What would you do in each scenario? Don’t just say “put it in the bank” that’s uber boring. No one wants to read that.
20.   Stuff I couldn’t live without – Pretty self explanatory. Make sure you take pictures or it’ll be quite boring to read.
That’s all I’ve got. Hope it’s given you a little inspiration. Have a great day!
Oh wait – I just found something else that is awesome. It’s actually much better than this post. Check out http://dannybrown.me/2011/07/23/10-free-blog-topics-to-help-you-get-your-blog-on/

05 January 2012

Le Weekly Love List #27

A week full of such wonderful things, I’m almost bursting with things I love!

Watching my gorgeous son crawl around chasing my cat like a bull at a gate

Having a Flickr Pro account - It’s giving me such peace of mind knowing that once my photos are uploaded I will be able to access them anytime from anywhere and they’ll be safe and sound should my laptop explode!

My brand new Samsung LED computer screen - $150 down from nearly $500 – moolah well spent I say.

Costco - I know I say this a lot but OMG love, love, LOVE!

Costco Canberra - hells yeah!

Priscila Almeida – Never met her in real life but she liked my flickr pics so much that she reposted them. Plus she is really lovely, so she is A-OK in my books!

Tom Clarke’s Butter Toffee Popcorn – nom nom nom, ‘nuff said.

The fact that my perfect boyfriend has FINALLY shaved off his mo! ‘Bout time too, he was beginning to look like one of the Mario Bros.

New Years Eve - I was soooo sleepy and we piked it around 1:00am but it was so lovely to ring in the New Year surrounded by friends and my new little family.

Ryan turns 6 months old today! - I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal but now that he is 6 months old I can feed him so many more interesting foods. There are only so many combinations you can make out of apples, bananas, carrots, broccoli and rice cereal.

My Cheeky KidMy Cheeky Kid

My new website header - Yeah it’s kinda boring but I had a blast making the “glass” letters :)

Sex and the City - Why didn’t anyone tell me how great this show is!? Last week I used uTorrent to download legally purchased the entire 6 seasons and have become an instant addict!

Photoshop - Bad skin be gone! I’m also loving all of the Photoshop Tutorials I am finding online.

Knitting - I’m feeling like an old lady but it’s just so much fun.

And as always, my perfect boyfriend and beautiful baby boy.

    I’m off to bed. I’d love to hear what you’re loving this week!

    04 January 2012

    Wednesday Wishes #23

    I wish upon a Wednesday…

    …that someone would buy me one of these awesome fairy figurines!

    Gabriel - Gothic Fairy Figurine Addison - Sweet Fairy Figurine

    02 January 2012

    A Hot Day in Paradise!

    Baby Chewing on Toy in the Pool

    Geeeez it was hot in Canberra today. My poor baby boy was covered from head to toe in heat rash. Luckily his Poppy came to the rescue with a clam pool! We set it up out the back and all was happy again.

    Mummy and Baby in the Pool

    Mummy and Baby in the PoolNo way!!! 

    Then it was out of the pool and into some cute overalls for some photos with Daddy before he shaves off his mo forever!!!! (and not a moment too soon, let me tell you!)

    Cute Baby in a Towel Talking to His Daddy Daddy and Baby Perfect Daddy and Beautiful Blue Eyed Baby Boy

    And then onto the floor so Ryan could show off his new found awesome crawling skills.

    Gorgeous Blue Eyed Baby Crawling

    ‘Cause, Girl You’re Amazing!

    Yeah, I was bored today….

    And when you smile :) the whole world stops and stares for a while...

    01 January 2012

    Photo A Day Challenge

    The ingenious Fat Mum Slim has come up with a wonderful challenge to take a photo a day each and every day for the month of January 2012.

    I think it sounds like super fun so I’m gonna give it a whirl and post my progress every week!

    Photo a Day Challenge - January 2012

    Basically the only rule is that each day you need to take a photo using the list above as a guide. Simple enough right? Well yes, but it’s 10:30pm and I am sooo sleepy after last night so I’m going to have to start this challenge in poor form by cheating. Here is a photo of me from last night playing pin the tail on the donkey (or pin the dail on the tonkey, as the drunken baffoons from last night called it!)...

    Day 1 of January 2012 Photo Challenge - Pin the Dail on the Tonkey Jess

    Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!!!

    I don’t stick to New Years resolutions. I don’t think anyone does. I think I’ve finally stumbled along the secret though…. take them one at a time. I’ve read that you should only pick one resolution and stick to it, but I’m a little more confident than that and have decided to make my list but just work on my “Goals to Kick” one at a time, and start a new “Goal to Continue” once a fortnight (or so).

    1. Finish knitting my rug
    2. Complete my bookkeeping course.
    2. Learn how to crochet properly.

    1. Keep my house tidy.
    2. Exercise daily.
    3. Blog more regularly.
    4. Spend more on quality and less on quantity.
    5. Spend more time with my friends.
    6. Never forget to send birthday cards.
    7. Send thank you cards for everything.
    8. Do one thing a day I’ve been tolerating. I.e. mend that hole, clean the oven.

    Granted, these are not the most exciting goals in existence but even so, I would love to look back on December 31st and be proud that my goals were all kicked and continued!

    Here’s a little snap shot of me and my little family* taking a break at the NYE party.

    My Little Family on NYE

    *Ignore my boyfriends terrible moustache… it makes me vomit too.