16 March 2012

March Photo a Day Challenge – Continued!

If you aren’t participating in Fat Mum Slim’s photo a day challenge you should be!

Woo hoo, more photos!!

9. RED – This is my absolute favourite jumper in the whole world! I got it when I was about eight and even then it was a hand-me-down, so it is at least 20 years old. So comfortable, so great, they don’t make ‘em like this anymore!

#marchphotoaday Day9 Red - my favourite jumper in the world, I've had it for 20 years!! #marchphotoaday9

10. LOUD – Ry and I went to the local pool last week with my best friend, Jenna. The noise was deafening!!

#marchphotoaday Day10 Loud - Ry and I at the local pool, soooo noisy!! #marchphotoaday10 (catching up!)

11. SOMEONE YOU TALKED TO TODAY – I talked to my lovely Mum and my beautiful baby boy today – Double whammy!

#marchphotoaday Day11 - Someone You Talked To Today - My Mum and my son, double whammy! :) #marchphotoaday11

12. FORK –  I really struggled to take a semi-interesting photograph of a fork, in the end I gave up and just took a pic of this little, pretty gold one.

#marchphotoaday Day15 Fork - perhaps the most boring thing to photograph ever! #marchphotoaday12

13. A SIGN – OK, so I actually took this pic a few months ago but still… best sign EVER!


14. CLOUDS – Ry is obsessed with mirrors so his Aunty Jenna bought him these little mirror clouds to entertain him while in the bath.

#marchphotoaday Day14 Clouds - the mirror clouds in our bathroom :) #marchphotoaday14 (catch up)

15. CAR – Daddy teaching Ryan how to drive. LOVE!

#marchphotoaday Day 15 (catch up) Car - Daddy showing Ry how to drive! #marchphotoaday15

16. SUNGLASSES – Haha, I said to him “Ryan, Mummy is going to give you her sunglasses and you have to stay still and smile really nicely for a photo” and what do you know? He listened! The cutie patootie…

#marchphotoaday Day16 Sunglasses - what a spunk :) #marchphotoaday16

N.B. If you want to see the first eight photos I took for the challenge they are posted here.


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