14 February 2012

The Legend of Saint Valentine


If you are fabulously in love I hope you are spoiled absolutely rotten by your partner in love. If you are a single guy or girl rockin’ in this big ol’ world I hope you have an utterly fantastic day celebrating the awesomeness that is you!

When I was a kid and a super big loser with no potential loves and very few friends I adored this poem. I thought I’d share it with you…

The legend says St. Valentine
Was in a prison cell
Thinking of his little flock
He had always loved so well
And wanting to assure them
Of his friendship and his love
He picked a bunch of violets
And sent them by a dove.

And on the violets' leaves
He pierced these lines divine
That simply said, "I Love You"
And "I'm your Valentine"
So through the years that followed
From that day unto this
Folks still send messages of love
And seal them with a kiss.

Because a Saint in prison
Reached through prison bars one day
And picked a bunch of violets
And sent them out to say
That faith and love can triumph
No matter where you are
For faith and love are greater
Than the strongest prison bar.


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