17 February 2012

I Heart Joseph Hart!

I must say I utterly enjoyed the Valentines Day episode of Glee, ESPECIALLY the introduction of the new love of my life (sorry Mitch and Ry but it is so!) THE Samuel Larsen.
Samuel Larsen, winner of the Glee Project and my heart…
He’s just so beautiful and such an amazing singer! Now, Glee is my all time favourite show ever, however the serious lack of male vocal talent (excepting of course the fabulous Chord Overstreet who also melts my heart) was bumming me out a little…. but then the heavens opened up and the beautiful Joseph Hart (aka Joe) descended upon us. Love, love, LOVE!
Samuel Larsen and Chord Overstreet
Joe’s first ever Glee number was “Stereo Hearts” by Gym Class Heroes and, along with Chord Overstreet (Sam Evans) rapping surprisingly well, the song was nothing short of fantastic.

While I’m here, some other scenes worth mentioning from the Valentines Day episode include:
  • Mercedes (Amber Riley) singing “I Will Always Love You”. Just gorgeous.
  • Meeting Rachel’s Dads. This mention is not a good one. I was severely unimpressed by these guys. I was expecting so much more…
  • “Teenage LESSSBIIAAAAANNSS!!” haha, it cracked me up when Principal Figgins yelled this out in the hall. I’m glad we finally got to see those girls kiss though!


Anonymous said... [Reply]

i heart him more!

Jess Kell said... [Reply]

Doubtful, my anonymous friend, very doubtful.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Ewwww.... Corey is the hottest by FAR!

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